Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yes, I'm still here!

Still here. Sore, but here. I took a few days off from running, to see if that would help with the shin splints. I've been walking, so I wouldn't be just lazy-ing around. I was so discouraged with Friday's run that I left before my time was up. The pain was unbearable - even with the Zensah sleeves. Monday I began my plan again. I did pretty good with some pain. The first 10 minutes were ok, but then when it was time to walk and then run again, it was awful. All kind of horrible thoughts downing myself were "running" better than I was. Tuesday, I just walked instead of trying to run. I didn't want any more discouargement. Wednesday - I tackled it again. Earlier in the morning, I went to the gym to work out. I'm hoping strength exercises will strengthen my legs. My shins had not hurt as much, so I got up the courage to run again. I did a few minor stretches to my shins and put on the Zensah sleeves. Also I did my shoe laces to help with the high arch. Maybe that will help? I prayed this time before I ran. And I was off....5 minutes of brisk walking. Oh, muscles, why do you have to do this to me? I checked the timer and I had a few seconds before a 5 minute run. 5 MINUTES!!! Can I do this? Will my legs allow this? Are my dreams of a 13.1 destroyed? I took off - slowly of course. I'm not running to beat anyone, just myself. With each step and each beat I said to myself over and over "I can do ALL things in Christ who gives me strength." Over and over and before I knew it (after checking the timer a million times) my 5 minutes were up. I did it! It was time to walk for 3 minutes. Wow. Thank you, Jesus! Here it went again, 5 minutes. I stopped after one minute and walked a few steps and then caught a breath, had a good talking to myself and ran the rest of the time. I still had the Bible verse going through my head. Walk for 3 minutes. I did it again! Ok one more 5 minute run after that. Eva, you can do it! And off I went, slowly of course, and I actually made it! The turtle made it - 3 sets of 5 minutes. There was pain, but not like it had been. I was yelling and sceaming inside my head and thanking Jesus. I went ahead and walked the next mile to make a total of 3 for the day. I had walked one earlier that morning, too. For the first time, I had run/walked two miles and under 30 minutes. I was so shocked! So happy! So amazed with myself. I got my confidence back. If anyone would like the link to the How To Tie Your Shoe Laces, let me know. Johnny, I'm getting stronger!! :)

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