Thursday, June 5, 2014

Better run and underpronation

Tonight was better. I did Week 3, Day 2, over since I had issues yesterday. For some reason, tonight was better! I didn't feel like a 100 year old turtle. My walk was faster, my run better. I made sure NOT to stretch tonight to see if that might have been the problem. I didn't have the heaviness at all. I had to run 3 minutes again and I did it. I did check the Ipod to make sure the timer wasn't stuck. LOL The turtle made it! RUN, TURTLE, RUN! I've been wanting a new pair of running shoes. I have underpornation - high arches and I land on the outside of my foot. I tried on a pair of Asics and WOWEE! They felt AWESOME! Hopefully before long, I can get a new pair. I researched and it said that the Ascis Gel Nimbus were good for underpronation. We will see.

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