Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 4, Day 1

Tonight's run/walk was a toughie, but the turtle made it. As always, I started out with a brisk 5 minute walk. THEN it told me to run for three minutes. Ok, run, turtle, run. And I did. Sadly, that three minutes felt like three hours. Ok, I caught my breath and LORD HAVE MERCY it told me to run for FIVE minutes! I took a deep breath and off went the turtle. Music blaring, I kept focusing on positive things of running. Oh, me, I thought, I think five minutes has to be over! I take out my IPOD and I've only been running for 45 seconds. Serioulsy? OMG. Ok, so I took another deep breath and tried to focus on the beat of the song. I loosened up my fists and kept my lower lip looser. Chest was on fire. I checked the IPOD again for the time. Ok, 2 more minutes to go. I've got this. I can do it! RUN, TURTLE, RUN! I counted backwards in my head, oh wow, look one minute! GO, TURTLE, GO! Count down going, I'VE GOT THIS! I CAN MAKE 5 MINUTES! Then a miracle happened. I was told to walk! Walk, I can do that. What did I just do? I ran for FIVE minutes! I DID IT! Sweat pouring, I caught my breath and it told me to run for three! Yes, three is easy, if I could run for five, I could run for three. Breathe, Eva! I made it. Three minutes!!! WOOHOO!! The turtle ran. What? What was that? Run for five minutes again? THIS THING IS CRAZY! Deep breath, I wiped the sweat off and did my best. Sadly, I stopped running for thirty seconds, so I didn't make the whole five that time. THE TURTLE RAN FOR FIVE WHOLE MINUTES!!!! Total run time tonight was maybe 15 mintues. The turtle ran. The turtle did it! Let's see what tomorrow holds!

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