Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Still a Turtle

Ugh, tonight was bad. Very bad. I really did feel like a 100 year old turtle trying to get out of quicksand. I'm not sure where things went wrong. Last night's run was great! Tonight was like having your favorite glass shatter on the floor. Both legs felt like I was in quicksand as I walked and it was even worse when I ran. I couldn't even keep up with the beats going on. Trust me, I thought about turning around and going back to butt sitting on my couch. Maybe that's the problem...I sat all day long. Today was very inactive, so maybe that's the problem. I kept checking the Ipod to make sure the timer hadn't stopped. Awful I tell ya! I don't know, it was just PLAIN AWFUL. Just as awful as going for coffee and getting a cup of mud. Hopefully tomororw will be MUCH BETTER. I think I'll go hide in my shell.

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