Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 2, Week 1

Yes, I was sore. I still felt like a turtle going through crunchy peanut butter. Hopefully before long I will feel like a turtle going through smooth peanut butter.

Right before my walk/run, it began to rain. I was so mad! But what do you know, it stopped - just for me.

Off I walked, feeling energetic, and on fire. After five minutes, I heard the voice telling me to run. Ok, I got this! THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE! Wait, no, this turtle is on FIRE! Yeah, that's me. Darn, when will that one minute go away!  Time to walk! I was on fire again. I was good, walking quickly, and then POW, I had to run again. This time I did it in my neighborhood, and there was a hill. A very, high hill that looked more like a mountain. Well, it does when you are a turtle trying to run. Of course, as soon, as I hit the hill, it told me to run. Struggle, puff, struggle, puff. I made it. My husband, Steve, and Jacob, were riding bikes as I did my struggle walk.

 After the hill, Steve came up behind me and said, "Are you okay?"
 "Was I huffing?" I managed to puff out.
He laughed, "Oh, yeah!"

But I struggled on, doing my best to concentrate on the long goal of why I'm doing this. I'd feel my chest tighten up and I'd do my best to loosen my fists and mouth. It helped. I checked the app a few times because it felt like that one minute was stuck or something. I'd count in my head backwards from 59 trying to help the run go faster.

For me, running in the warmer temps is better for my asthma. The cold gets me every time.
I'd say it was a LITTLE easier than the first night. Just a little. Oh, and I wore longer shorts tonight, so my thighs wouldn't clap for me.


  1. You can do it, Turtle Girl! You're a turtle on fire.

  2. I don't remember how long it's been since I ran. But I will live vicariously through you.