Sunday, May 25, 2014

Beginning Running Adventure

This is my second journey with running. I started over two years ago and then quit the last year. I'm starting again - at full force. I was pumped all day long to start this new adventure. I charged up the IPOD and downloaded the Half Marathon app which is FREE! Earbuds ready, off I walked. The first few minutes are walking, thank goodness. I'm excited, I'm ready and then all of a sudden I hear the voice, "Start running." Ok, I can do this. Yes, it did feel like I was a turtle walking through peanut butter. Then the voice came back and told me to walk. Whew, that was tough. Then all of a sudden, I hear it again! Run, already? NO! Ok, so I trot off. Why am I doing this? Why? I could be sitting on the couch. This really hurts. Why am I doing this? "Begin walking." Ok, i made it. I did one minute which felt like one hour. I got this, I can do this! "Begin running." Dang it! So soon? Why am I doing this? Who talked me in to doing this? Am I crazy? "Begin walking." Oh, this is easy. I got this. Sweat dripping, I'm a runner. Woo hoo! "Beging running." DARN it. Why am I doing this? I want to go home! This hurts! And this goes on an on for 20 minutes until the wonderful voice told me to begin cool down. I made it. I did it. Like the thing said, "I thought I heard clapping, until I realized it was my thighs." Yeap, that's me. Luckily I was the only one on the track, so I didn't bother anyone with my loud huffing and puffing, while running for one minute. I kept hoping that the teenagers over on the bench were not laughing at me. I know I was a sight. I've never been able to run a 5K without stopping. I've always had to walk/run it, but I did it. So my adventure begins. Will I stick with the training? I hope so! Will I finish a half marathon in two hours? I doubt it. But I WILL TRY!


  1. I love your descriptions . . the turtle through peanut butter and the slapping thighs. LOL. Good for you, Eva. Congratulations on going the distance. yay

  2. Thank you. I wish I could figure out how to use paragraphs. Lol

  3. I applaud you in your effort to run.