Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shin Splints AGAIN!

So I've had to take a week off from running and it's killed me. The shin splints were back causing trouble. A week ago, on a Sunday night, I did 4.20 miles and had my best pace ever. Well, I've paid for it ever since. I've learned that I probably did too much too soon. I researched everywhere to find out the best ways to help. I used Google, youtube, runner's blogs, etc. I had to wear my running shoes everyday because I had no support from other shoes. Just glad this week is over. Last night, I ventured out on the track. I ran in the grass a little and walked on the track. That seemed to help. The splints didn't hurt that much on the grass. I iced my legs as soon as I got home. Today, I've had no pain. I may try it again, slowly and turtle-y.

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