Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shattered Dreams

You all know that I had, oh wait, have a love for writing. I was on a roll there for while, until I let one negative comment shatter my hopes and dreams. I know that it's silly...that I shouldn't give up. After all, Stephenie Meyer was rejected countless times on her first book. She just found the right agent at the right time. Yes, I know that my grammer stinks and I probably don't punctuate correctly. I do have an imagination out of this world. I still dream of my characters in the two stories that I started.I think of them daily. I pass an old antebellem home and I daydream about what my heroine would be doing in the house right now. Or I'll see an old movie and have a glimmer of hope that I will write about my other heroine. Lauren and Gray. Amy and Vincent. I wonder if they miss me??? That agent killed, smashed, shattered my dream. Why did I let her? Why didn't I stand up and fight and take no for an answer. I do hope to write again. That dream is still there. Maybe I should go for a jog instead....

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  1. I wish I could go for a jog. I think I'll get injured further. LOL Something I forgot to say the other day while I was rabidly rambling, but I got a literal mental image of what I was thinking about, for some strange reason. I've noticed that sometimes authors present short stories that are "alternate" adventures their main characters get involved in, that may not make it into book form. They often say that they use those stories as a warm-up to writing about that character.

    That agent was a bonafide jerk. Probably would have had a huge personality conflict with you anyway, had you really worked very long with them.

    I think the right agent and publisher are out there just waiting for you to cross paths with them. :) There's nothing wrong with your imagination, and I heard that editors exist to tighten up insignificant grammar problems anyway.

    Don't give up! You tell great stories!