Monday, October 4, 2010

One night with Hagus Jones

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent. hehe. I will not reveal the location of this area since someone involved is still alive.)

My good ole high school besties, Tammy, LaShonda, Dana, and I decided one night to go visit the house of Hagus Jones. Two of us are excited and ready to go. Surprisingly, Tammy is terrified. She claimed that she CAN NOT go near anything that gruesome. On different occasions, Tammy told us that when she went to a cemetary, she came back smelling like roses and she just does not want to experience that again. I, being the good friend that I am, joked and kidded with her about her being so scared. After all, I'm the one who is writing horror stories and I just wrote the story, "The Night With Hagus Jones." So what was there to be afraid of? Seriously. LaShonda was a little scared, but Dana and I were brave. "Oh, it's nothing! Let's just go do it!"

The backstory....(not for the easily scared) A long time ago, Hagus Jones became extremely tired of her husband, so one night she decided to chop and mutilate him into tiny bits. She scattered his body parts along different rivers. She was arrested and placed in a mental hospital, then later escaped. She waits for people under their carports and if she is hungry, she gnaws on her fingers. My husband and his friends grew up telling that story when they were kids. I just wrote a story about it and submitted it to a contest.

So here we ventured out to the house of Hagus Jones. Dana brought her video and digital camera. Tammy forgot her Depends she kept saying, while LaShonda sings old country songs in the backseat. Her beautiful voice alone should be enough to calm anyone's nerves.

I finally threatened Tammy that if she wets the seat from being scared, I'm kicking her out. I refused to turn around and take her to WalMart. But I should have, because Dana discovered that her video camera batteries had died.

Tension began to build as we get closer to the site of the Hagus Jones incident. Someone told us the name of the wrong road, so we were driving around in the country in the dark, already scared, and I almost ran over a poor raccoon. "AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" we all screamed and then burst out laughing. I wasn't sure who was more scared, the raccoon or us. Tammy commented, "Did you see how that raccoon stopped, looked at us, came foward, and then left? He gave us a warning!" We laughed again at her fear.
"No impending warning from a raccoon, all is well." I told her.

We arrived at the area of the house of Hagus Jones. Fear gripped my entire body when I looked at the ugly house. I pulled around and let the car face the road in case we needed to get out in a hurry. I was prepared.

The darkness in the night surrounded the place. A small white condemed house stood in the middle of the yard. No one would be safe going in there. The windows were broken and the curtains were still there. The house did not look welcoming. There were no sounds. Just silence. Everywhere. A street light stood in the way giving us what light we did have. The area to the side of the house is roped off saying, "DO NOT ENTER."

Dana got her things ready. "Eva, promise me that you won't run off and leave me."

"OH, Dana, I do promise. I'd never leave you out here all alone." I told her as I grip the steering wheel. I slowly backed up the car a little closer to the house, not too close, but a little closer.

Tammy stared at the house. "Eva, look! It has the broken windows and torn curtains JUST LIKE IN YOUR STORY!"

I screamed. "SHUT UP! I DON'T NEED TO HEAR THAT!" What if Hagus is in there! Oh, gosh, what have I done?

Dana and LaShonda bravely opened the car door and walked towards the house of Hagus Jones. Terror surrounded my every move. I looked over at Tammy and saw fear in her eyes, too. My heart was pounding and I'm sure that anything living could hear it. My nerves were on edge and I'm paralyzed with fear. I can not get out of the car at all. My trembling hands clutched the steering wheel as if I'm never letting go.

I noticed that LaShonda left her door opened a little. Tammy and I heard a thump from somewhere beside us, so I closed LaShonda's door. "What was she thinking? Something might get in here with us!" Tammy slowly agreed as I slamed the door shut.

I'm sitting there, scared out of my mind. "Who talked me into this?"
"Uh, Eva, it was your idea," Tammy said, staring at Dana and LaShonda. I turned up the radio hoping to scare off anything that wanted to come inside my car.

Suddenly Tammy's face turned white and her eyes were large as saucers. "What are they doing?" Fear resided in Tammy's voice.

"Dana! Dana! What's wrong? LaShonda! What's wrong?" Tammy's alarmed voice made shivers go down my arm.

"Wh..what is it?" I said, not looking in their direction.

"They are just standing there like they are frozen!" Tammy proceeds to get out of the car.

"Don't leave me in here by myself!" I yelled at her as she slammed the door.

"Eva, back the car a little closer," someone yelled. I backed a little further again, but I don't want to get too close.

"Eva, get over here. Get out of the car!" Dana yelled at me. "Just get out and come here."

Slowly I opened the car door. Heart pounding, fingers shaking, nerves rising. I'm so afraid!!! I opened the car door and stood there, never taking my hand off the side of the door.

"My camera's messing up. It won't take a picture right. Come look at this." Dana holds up her camera. I don't leave the comfort of my car door.

"You gotta see this. It's so freaky!" LaShonda walked towards the little house. "There's a bed in here!"

Everything got quiet. Now I'm hoping they decided that it's time to go.

All of a sudden out of no where, a scream pierced through the air. I can't breathe. Terror has totally taken over my senses. A woman's shrill scream came from behind the right side of the house! A chill collected in the middle of my neck and then ran down my entire spine.

LaShonda looked back at us as she took her hand down from opening the door to the house. Her eyes wide with the same fear. "What the heck was that? Did you hear that?"

"GET IN THE CAR! OH MY COW! GET IN THE CAR!" I yelled at them. I slammed the door and waited for someone to come in next. LaShonda literally dove in the backseat and Tammy followed next.

"GET IN THE CAR! GET IN THE CAR!" I yelled. Dana still stood there staring at her camera. I pounded the horn at least twenty times and yelled, "GET IN THE CAR! GET IN THE CAR!!"

Fight or flight took over. I chose flight. So I put the car in drive and started to drive away. Dana finally decided to come running. She jumped in the car while her leg was dragging the ground. She yelled, "HOLE! Hole!" The rocks are flying behind me as I ignored her yells to be careful. Thank God nothing was coming because I wasn't about to stop. I'm still screaming and so are they.

"What was that?" LaShonda finally said, still taking deep breaths.

"I didn't hear anything!" Dana kept saying. "I can't believe I almost got left!"

"It was LaShonda trying to punk me. I know that's what it was." Tammy said, laughing.

"It wasn't me! It was a woman yelling." LaShonda tried to tell Tammy.

"She is not a ventrilloquist, Tammy. It was something out there. It came from behind the house." I tell her, still shaking.

After we almost run over a rabbit, we get out of the area. Dana showed me the picture she took. "You will not believe it. It's freaky! You gotta see this." I pulled over in a church parking lot, looked at it, then threw it back at her.
Everything was green in the picture. For some reason it was divided into 16 different parts. In the middle of the shot, there's a black hooded figure, looking straight ahead. The bottom pictures looked like blood splattered in all directions. (I didn't post that picture on here.)

I called my friend, Martha, to tell her and I proceed and say, "IT was chopped up into 16 different parts." I froze. Why did I just say that? We all went, "WHAT!" when I said that. So now we were all wondering if the husband was chopped into 16 parts!

I had to apologize to Dana over a hundred times for almost leaving her. Yes, it's like current river all over again, sorry! I got scared!! She thought that she dropped her cell phone at the place, but I told her she'd have to go get it herself.
"Eva, remember that you promised me that you woulnd't leave me?" Oh, why did she have to remind me. :)

Tammy looked at me. "Eva, now you can NEVER joke with me about being scared!"
"I know, Tammy. I'm the biggest chicken around. So I'll never make fun of you again."
Yep, I admit, I'm a chicken.

We finally calm down and go to WalMart to print out the pictures. What in the world could that shreik have been? It wasn't a howl, so it couldn't have been a coyote. We guessed the scream came from an "it."

We went to McDonald's laughing at ourselves the whole time. We all agreed that we had not had that much fun in way too long. I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather have had a ghostly adventure with than my three good friends. I love them so much! We were close in High School, then afteward didn't see each other for a long time, then we get back together and it's like we never had distance between us. Now that's FRIENDSHIP.

What I learned:
I'm a chicken.
Fight or flight - I go with flight.
Maybe I shouldn't write scary stories.
If you are ever with me on a dark night and I tell you to "GET IN THE CAR" and you don't, well, I will leave you standing there.
I'm blessed with great friends.
I don't like dark places with a terrifying history.
I have so missed acting stupid.
Tammy said that I was the comic relief in this situation, so I'm glad that I could help. :)

Scary hotel encounter coming soon. :) hehe


  1. If you want to read my Hagus story, shoot me an email!

  2. This is such a great true account of what happened this week end. I truly wish you would write a book about Hagus Jones. Wes loved this and said the picture even he could NOT explain. He said that would make a good book cover for your book....I still think you should consider writing a book about this. Just saying. I love all my besties and had the "TIME OF MY LIFE" that night...there is another bridge we need to go and check out.

  3. Thanks, it was fun, wasn't it? LOL!!!!!!
    And I didn't pay too close attention to verb tense on this :)

  4. You girls are crazy! Loved the story and felt like I was right there with ya.
    I would love to hear anything you can dig up on Ms Jones.

  5. Great Story! Ya big Babies. how come none of yall were ARMED, and went to investigate the source of the noise. I would have...but yall'd have left me standing there, just me and my .38.

  6. Yeap, I would have left you standing there LOL

  7. I was literally laughing and crying. I could actually see everything we did like we were reliving it again... Marvelous.

  8. Well, Eva, next time yall go ghost hunting,take me with you. I'll "pertect" you! LOL

  9. I loved your story Ms. Beba!

  10. Hey. This is Kasey. Kim's daughter. She had told me about your Hagus Jones story, and I
    told her I wanted to read it. It's AMAZING! I love mystery/horror
    stories and this was really good! Its like I was zoned in, not caring
    about anything else around me, except the story. That's a good thing
    too, because not a lot can... get me to actually sit there and read. lol

  11. Wow, that's really scary!!! Is that photo for real?